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All Canadian residents are required to file their personal income tax returns each year in accordance with federal and provincial rules. This tax return represents a summary of the individual’s income for the year and will determine the amount of refund or tax payable to the government.

The federal version of the income tax file is called the T1 tax return. Preparing the annual tax return can be complex and tedious, and making mistakes is often costly.

Your own situation will determine the specific tax forms to be completed to make it accurate and optimized.

The result of your tax return will also determine the individual’s or family’s eligibility for tax credits, deductions and other government benefits such as GST/HST credits and childcare benefits.

At SJT CPA, we are highly qualified to help you in this process. We make sure that your tax return is filed accurately and that you get all the tax credits you are entitled to.

Please call us or make an appointment if you would like more information; we will be happy to discuss with you.

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