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SJT CPA is an accounting firm specializing in remote online accounting and tax services.

A Chartered Professional Accountant, with more than 20 years of experience, our mission is to provide high-level accounting, tax and advisory services to businesses and individuals in a timely and tailor-made way...


What customers say about us...

  • Sukhjinder Singh
    "I got to know about SJT from .He is proactive, specially easy to reach out and always available for guidance. He did my corporate tax professionally and I am very happy with his services.Of course ,I recommend everyone to contact SJT."
    Sukhjinder Singh
  • Guolu-Chen
    "Souleymane is the best, super professional, super responsive. He completed our case with flash speed, and with great quality of course! He is definitely our time and energy saver for this tax thing. We will definitely go with him again next year! Thank you Souleymane!"
    Guolu Chen
  • Brittany-Tabachak
    "As a resident of a new province, I was weary about doing my personal taxes alone, so after a little research, I reached out to Souleymane and he was so great! We had a phone consultation the day after I contacted him, I sent him my information that same day and the following day it was complete! I highly recommend these services- reasonable rate, super fast (even though I was procrastinating doing my taxes), thorough and very kind."
    Brittany Tabachak
  • Anuj-Malhotra
    "I found Souleymane through a google search and then spoke to him to see if he could understand the situation we were in. I had been filing tax returns myself for 3 years, but since we moved from one province to another in the middle of the year, the tax return was going to be complex. I explained everything, and from there on he started explaining to me the benefits and expenses that I could claim. We got our biggest tax refund. I would highly recommend Souleymane to everyone who needs help with their returns."
    Anuj Malhotra
  • Rahul Maheswar
    "Mr Souleymane is very helpful and at the same time very professional.He makes the process of filing taxes really simple and easy. Definitely recommend him."
    Rahul Maheswar
  • Robert-Sauer
    "Souleymane was easy to work with and handled everything effortlessly. Just what I was looking for!"
    Robert Sauer


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