SJT CPA also closely monitors the Canada Revenue Agency’s announcements to quickly adopt new rules and recommendations. More recently, the government has required businesses to comply with the Making Tax Digital (MTD) project.

This encourages businesses to use online and digital platforms to file their taxes, which is why SJT CPA has positioned itself as a leader in online and cloud accounting in Montreal. SJT CPA focuses on providing online and remote tax and accounting services.

You can trust us with all your bookkeeping and sales tax filings requirements in Quebec.

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We are a leader in bookkeeping and sales tax reporting in Montreal

The maintenance and recording of all financial transactions in the initial entry books of a business is known as bookkeeping.

The books of account are maintained and recorded by accountants. It contains a record of all financial transactions, including tax payments, sales revenues, loans, interest income, salaries and other operating expenses, investments, etc.

Accurate bookkeeping requires lot of attention to details and consistent methodology. A company’s accounting and bookkeeping procedures are essential for sustainable business growth.

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